Get Paid to Write

Internet Writers are Earning Thousands by Selling Information.

Everyone can write.  Everyone.  Of course, some are more eloquent than others but there are many ways to turn writing into income, even without being flowery or elegant.

You can compile resource guides, travel information, how-to instructions or other informational short reports.  Sell these online to people who are searching for this information, and you can earn long-term recurring income.

Why eBooks?

By writing short e-books or resource guides, you can compile information that makes something easier for someone else. 

Customers are happy pay for instructions for a difficult task or to have a guide of resources that they don’t have the time to research.

The digital information business has earned over 4 billion dollars the past year.  That’s billion with a “B.” 

Imagine if the tiniest fraction of that revenue was yours.

Employee or Business Owner?

Do you want to be an employee or a business owner?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an employee, you could also manage your own income, and turn ‘one-off’ jobs into a veritable business.

As a business owner you can structure your life around your worktime.  You can work around your children’s schedules or do your work on your own time.

Write when your own creativity is at its peak, not when a boss tells you it’s time to work.

How Big Should the Book Be?

Don’t let the idea of writing a long book scare you. This is not the novel writing of days fast, rather, we are creating books and reports of a moderate size.

In general, 10-15 pages will suffice for a short report while 20-40 pages is plenty for a more in-depth e-book. 

Rinse and Repeat

The best part is this.  Once your book is finished, uploaded, and ready for sale, your next task is to promote the book.  Marketing the book is a critical step in the process.  You’ll need to tell people about your book and how to buy it.

This includes using social media, and attracting online traffic to a simple web site that you’ll set up. 

Once the word is out and sales are coming in, it’s time to get started on your second book. From here, the process repeats. 

Create your book.  List it for sale.  Build your marketing campaigns and promote the book. 

Have Others Sell Your Book for You

The best part about this business is that you can have other people sell your book for you. This is called affiliate sales. Online marketers can promote your book to their list of customers or to people who visit their website.

If they make a sale, they earn a commission. This is passive income for you.

No doubt you’ll be happy to pay that commission as they did all the work and procuring the customer for you. This is how you can earn long-term revenue from one e-book project.

Real-World Example

One of the best-selling e-books available online is a e-book with woodworking plans.  It was written by a guy who has a knack for woodworking, who took his plans and put it into a detailed document.

Then he listed the document for sale online and watched the sales come in.  The book has been earning thousands of dollars over the years, and it all started from a single document. 

Over time he has added thousands of plans and now receives recurring monthly income from people who subscribe to his library of woodworking plans.

You can do the same thing.  Take your best talent, or explore something that interests you, and create an ebook that people will pay money for. 

How to Start Your e-Book Business Today

The best way to be successful at an online business is to copy the systems from someone who has already build a successful business themselves.

There’s a famous saying: 

“To have the same success as an entrepreneur, do what they do and you’ll have the same results.”

You could blaze your own trail in unfamiliar territory or you could follow a blueprint that has already been tested. 

I have given you a rough outline that you could use to go it alone and get started.  But for a nominal charge, you could have access to an incredible course that will teach you how to get started… today.  And I really mean, today.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to find topics that people are paying money to learn about.
  • How to assemble a well-written and visually stunning book.
  • The best places to list the book for sale.
  • How to promote the book to the right audience.
  • Creating social media campaigns that work.
  • How to find affiliate sellers who will want to sell your book.

Take charge and re-invent yourself this year as an Internet entrepreneur by producing lots of small documents.

Make 2017 the year of your own break-out.  Don’t be dependent on others for your joy.  Create the financial abundance that will allow you to do the things YOU want to do.

Get started on your first book today and get paid to write!